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Style Guide: Rock ‘n’ Roll Jewelry

Rock ‘n’ roll jewelry never goes out of style. No matter what type of rock music you like, soft ballads or death metal, a relevant accessory is a must for a true fan. Rock-inspired items can be worn anywhere and with any clothing so that your like-minded people can set you apart in a crowd. Let’s see how to recognize real rock jewelry and pick up dramatic ornaments that turn heads.

Rule number 1: Light color metal

Remember a simple rule – rock 'n' roll ornaments must look tough and heavy. For this reason, you should select rings and bracelets made of silver (or at least steal if you want to save a few bucks), which favorably emphasizes rocker outfits in dark tones. As for inlays, such jewelry usually contains contrast gems that really pop on the background of silvery metals. The most popular gems are onyx, rubies, and emeralds.

Rule number 2: Crosses and skulls

How to understand that jewelry is made in the rock and roll style? I will give you a hint - most often such decorations are crafted in the form of a cross or skull. Alternatively, they may bear decorative elements with their image. For example, it can be a massive cross encrusted with rubies, or a ring in the shape of a skull with emerald eyes. The traditional rock’ n 'roll archetypes also include roses, wings, daggers, arrows, snakes and spiders. Spooky but beautiful!

Rule number 3: Spikes

Another genuine rock and roll symbol is decorative studs and spikes. You can see them everywhere – from bikes, leather jackets, and piercing to jewelry pieces including rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. An evergreen classic of rock and roll fashion is a choker necklace or leather bracelet decorated with spikes. It can be worn with both rocker outfits and casual apparel.

Rule number 4: Baroque elements

Intricate designs and baroque curls came from the Gothic art. This style can clearly be seen in flat round pendants that are combined with a velvet collar, large stones that decorate a necklace with baroque patterns, or heavyweight pendants with lace-like patterns. Gothic jewelry style is androgenic meaning that such pieces can be worn by both men and women. Your girlfriend will surely enjoy sporting your stylish gothic pendants and rings.

Rule number 5: There cannot be too many rings

When it comes to accessorizing, do not limit your choice by only a skull ring or cross pendant. These accessories can be easily combined with each other. Just remember that all your rocker rings must be the same color. Also, pay attention to pieces of interesting forms and shapes. Those can be decoration resembling a bent nail or brass knuckles.


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